Steel Products Pre-Stow Plan


(GBP1.000,00 per Vessel)

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A unique tool for easy checking / insertion of multiple types of Steel Coils in each Cargo Hold effortlessly.Ship-specific process for increasing & maximising the steel coils and steel products loading per cargo hold. In one go, you can examine the maximum steel coils loading (local Strength), stowage and final loading condition (drafts, SF, BM) for Multi-port/consignments operations. Full or Partial Loading of coils and break bulk cargoes in any Cargo Hold. Beginning of loading of coils/rows from any longitudinal location in the tank top of each hold. Pictorial view of stowage.

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In one go/ you can examine the maximum steel coils loading local Strength/ stowage and final loading condition drafts/ SF/ BM for Multi-port/consignments operations.

Delivery terms

Preparation time is ten (10) working days after order and our receipt of all necessary technical data of the required Drawings Check-list.

NOTE: Due to heavy workload, above average preparation time expects to be exceeded. However, if this possible delay interferes with the normal operation of your vessel, please timely advise our company, so that we can take appropriate actions


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Operations Department


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