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On top of your existing/ already approved loading program/ you can calculate your Maximum Cargo Intake taking into consideration all navigational parameters. User-friendly load zone DWT Calculation program for determining how much Cargo to load. Instantaneous calculations of Maximum Cargo Intake for any examined ship-specific Hydros data, Voyage operational profile, Load zones and Port draft restrictions. Indication of compartment Details. Ease to use with menus and dialogs for easy operation. Instant post-fixture decisions. Upgrade of the already approved Loading Program, without the need for Class Approval. Automatic synchronization of data between vessels and office (fleet-based). Office fleet-based version.

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Features of the MAXIMUM CARGO INTAKE AT Single Port and for Single Voyage Leg for vessel and office application:

Instantaneous calculations of the following for any examined Ship-Specific Hydros Data/ Load Zones and Port Draft Restrictions.:

1. Maximum Cargo Intake
2. Compartment Details/such as:
3. Location
4. Volumes
5. Centers of Gravities
6. Volumetric Heeling Moments
7. Maximum Homogeneous Load
8. Tank Top Strength
9. Hold Area/ etc..


1. Upgrade of your already approved Loading Program
2. No need for Class Approval

Delivery terms

Preparation time is ten (10) working days per leader vessel after order and our receipt of all necessary technical data of the required Drawings Check-list.

NOTE: Due to heavy workload, above average preparation time expects to be exceeded. However, if this possible delay interferes with the normal operation of your vessel, please timely advise our company, so that we can take appropriate actions

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