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Automatic corrections for trim and heel & density. Instantaneous calculations of DWT items. Memory of last known weights for each tank brings savings in time and effort for every single draft survey. Timeline of all the recorded draft surveys Print-out tailored to each shipping company’s needs. Clarity & transparency based on official shipyard’s documentation (sounding/calibration tables) endorsed by SMM (UK) Ltd. as 3rd party. Improved efficiency of operations, judgement and communication. Automatic synchronization of data between vessels and office (fleet-based). Office fleet-based version.

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It s a user-friendly Draft Survey calculation program. It is designed to take care of complete draft survey needs. The purpose of DraftSurvey Software is to save time which can be spent to take more careful measurements which can greatly increase the accuracy of the survey results and avoid the mathematical mistakes due to shortage of time.

This Module not only does the calculation but also gives detailed instructions of how to perform a Draft Survey/ through extensive On-Line Help.

Delivery terms

Preparation time is ten (10) working days per lead vessel after order and our receipt of all necessary technical data of the required Drawings Check-list.

NOTE: Due to heavy workload, above average preparation time expects to be exceeded. However, if this possible delay interferes with the normal operation of your vessel, please timely advise our company, so that we can take appropriate actions


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