Cargo on Deck & Hatches for Bulk Carriers


(£5,500.00 per vessel (Starting Price))

Tax excluded

If your Bulk Carrier by design is yet to be approved to carry deck cargo we are at your disposal to perform the necessary studies and get them approved by Class.


Add Cargo on Deck and Hatches:

  • Structural strength: The deck and hatch covers usually have a structural capacity for uniformly distributed load (UDL), without any reinforcements. This load corresponds to the green sea pressure used in the approval of the vessel;
  • Stability documentation: Compliance with applicable stability and longitudinal strength criteria in deck cargo loading conditions shall be shown in updated/amended stability manuals;
  • The Loading Computer System (LCS) will have to be updated as necessary with new GM limits, profile curves or other stored data;
  • New Cargo Securing Manual: The stowage and securing of cargo other than bulk cargo is to be described in an approved Cargo Securing Manual (CSM).

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