Maximization of Steel Products Intake for Bulkers


(£5,000.00 per vessel (Starting Price))

Tax excluded

Maximise Steel Products Cargo Intake without Jeopardising Underwriters' Coverage


How to address the vagueness going around the Underwriters’ coverage for Steel Products Carriage?

Bulk carriers, even some sizes (i.e. Handy, Supramax, Ultramax) with Class Notation BC-A capable of carrying Steel Coils (with density of 7.85 t/m3 as per Loading Manual and middle section drawing), are restricted to load legitimately packed steel products above the maximum extent dictated in the Loading Manual. 

BC-A classed bulk carrier are capable to carry only ores with cargo density 3.0 tons/m3 at full draft but not pact steel cargoes or steel coils with cargo density of 7.85 t/m3.   

The amount of steel coils indicated in Class approved Loading Manual is the maximum that the vessel can carry in pact steel cargoes unless indicated otherwise is approved by Class. Expanding on this limitation, since this quantity is smaller than the actual vessels’ capabilities due to point load consideration, the majority of bulkers are underrated and as such this practice often restrains vessels’ loading flexibility and causes adverse delays in the sense of Port Authorities.

In an effort to counter act this limitation and discontinuity on the liability side, the following approved methodology developed by us: 

Our methodology will need only one approval of the revised manual (the legal tender of envelop of maximum loading conditions) from class that will cover several steel products loading pattern combinations and increase the amount of high density steel products cargo per hold in almost all cases. Also, this will cover several cases that often applied (case by case) and submitted to class for approval with never ending charges by Class.

The upgraded steel products loading capabilities can be reflected in our popular MULTILOAD Loading Program!

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