Multiload Advanced Cargo Securing Software

£ 800.00

(£ 800.00 per Vessel)


Calculating the wind & sea forces/ external forces/ transverse sliding & tipping/ longitudinal sliding and lashing details. Easy calculations of the deck cargo securing and lashing. Advanced cargo securing calculations for deck cargo. In accordance with Annex 13 to the Code of Safe Practice for cargo stowage and securing (the CSS code) from IMO. Accelerations and balance of forces in semi- and non-standardised lashing arrangements. Transverse sliding & tipping. Longitudinal sliding. Lashing details. Automatic synchronization of data between vessels and office (fleet-based). Office fleet-based version.

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With the Multiload Advanced Cargo Securing® Software in use/ the deck cargo securing and lashing became more easier than ever/ as you can calculate safely and easily the following in accordance with annex 13 to the Code of Safe Practice for Cargo Stowage and Securing the CSS code from IMO:

1. Wind & sea forces/ External forces/Transverse sliding & tipping/ Longitudinal sliding/ Lashing details and Assessment of security of deck cargo.

2. Advanced Cargo Securing Calculations for Deck cargo.

3. Print-out options.

4. In-house development.

5. Automatic synchronization of data between vessel and office.

Delivery terms

Preparation time is ten (10) working days per lead vessel after order and our receipt of all necessary technical data of the required Drawings Check-list.

NOTE: Due to heavy workload, above average preparation time expects to be exceeded. However, if this possible delay interferes with the normal operation of your vessel, please timely advise our company, so that we can take appropriate actions



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