Ship's Squat / UKC / Speed Loss / Tide Software

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(£ 1,500.00 per Vessel)


Predicts the maximum Ship Squat/Under Keel Clearance/Speed Loss at Restricted Waters & Static Condition from Dynamic Drafts/ Calculation of Safe Speed Software & Tide Calculations with UKHO for a given situation/ saving the cost of a very large repair bill and enabling even extra earning capacity. UKC calculation takes into account all the vetting inspection questionnaire/OCIMF requirements. Tide calculations using UKHO database. Calculated grounding speed, the safe speed, the grounding area and the loss of speed. This Option is based on the over than 36 year experience and research of Dr. Bryan Barrass (UK) using his privileged analytical method for the applicable calculations with less conservative calculations as to DWT Margin with positive impact on the cargo intake. Office fleet-based version with auto-synchronization.

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Immediate benefits of this software to your good Company are the following:

- Compliance with the management framework/system for Under Keel Clearance Management in certain areas ie. Torres Strait/AMSA/ etc.

- Third Party warranty for the correctness of the results as per shipyards documentation

- Calculation Algorithms for both Open and Confined Waters

- Generation of Curves ie: UKC vs Ship speed

- Immensely useful printout for Pilots Masters in navigation operations and in pilotage at ports Ship Static Condition from dynamic drafts

- Table Results with calculated Ship Squat/ UKC and dynamic drafts vs Speed along with graph figures

- Calculated grounding Speed/ the Safe Speed/ the Grounding Area and the Loss of Speed Table Results with calculated Ship Static Drafts

- The clients/ who are already registered with United Kingdom Hydrographic Office concerning the Admiralty Digital Publications SDK/ can make of use the Harmonic Data Digital Tide Tables for a particular location Port as an add-on Communication Protocol to our software in order to avoid the manual input of Harmonic Constants.

Please consider that the incorporated algorithms follow the analytic method of Dr. Barass, which is far less conservative than the typical Barass method allowing in that way the flexibility to the Operators to load more cargo.

Delivery terms

Preparation time is ten (10) working days per lead vessel after order and our receipt of all necessary technical data of the required Drawings Check-list.

NOTE: Due to heavy workload, above average preparation time expects to be exceeded. However, if this possible delay interferes with the normal operation of your vessel, please timely advise our company, so that we can take appropriate actions



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Required Drawings Check-List

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Description of Product

Description of Ship's Squat / UKC / Speed Loss / Tide Software

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Description of Product

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