Clients List

Since 1986, we are proud to have accumulated a wide range of successful co-operations with the following Shipping Companies.

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A.K. Shipping & Trading Inc.
A.M. Nomikos TWMA S.A.
ABS Maritime Services Hellas
Access Shipping Ltd.
Acheon Akti Navigation Co. Ltd.
Acomarit - Lpl (Hellas) Ltd.
Action Maritime S.A.
Adelfia Shipping Enterprises S.A.
Aegean Bulk Co Inc.
Aegean Bunkering Services Inc.
Aegean Management Services M.C.
Aegeus Shipping S.A.
Aenaon Shipping Ltd. As Managers
Agencia Maritima Cosmonaftis
Agency Trust Ltd.
Akra Shipping Company Ltd.
Alassia Newships Management Inc.
Alassia Steamship Co. Ltd.
Albamar Shipping Co. S.A.
Alexandria Shipping S.A.
Alkon Holdings Inc.
Alkyon Shipping Co.
Alliance Management S.A.
All Trust Shipping Co. S.A.
Allied International Navigation S.A.
Allied Maritime Inc.
Alloceans Shipping Co. Ltd.
Alpha Sigma Shipping Corp.
Allseas Marine S.A.
Almana Transport Ltd.
Alnav Naftiliaki S.A.
Alon Maritime Corp.
Amazing Sail Navigation Services
Anangel Maritime Services Inc.
Anbros Maritime
Ancora Investment Trust Inc.
Andriaki Shipping Co. Ltd.
Andrico Maritime Co. S.A.
Ane Hercules
Angelakos (Hellas) S.A.
Aptera Maritime S.A.
Arcadia Shipmanagement Co. L Td.
Archipelago Shipping S.A. (Managers)
Argonaut Agency Limited (United Kingdom)
Arion Shipping Ltd.
Ariston Navigation Corp.
Aroania Maritime S.A.
Asterismos Navigation Corporation
Astron Maritime Company S.A.
Athenian Ship Management Inc.
Athenian Shipping S.A.
Atlantis Management Inc.
Atlas Maritime Ltd.
Avin International Corp. Of Panama S.A.
Avin International S.A.
Azimuth Shipping Lines Ltd.

Balimar Shipping S.A.
Balthellas Chartering S.A.
Baltmed Shipping Co.
Barclay Shipping Ltd.
Bariba Corporation
Belnav Ship Management S.A.
Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement (Hellas) Spllc.
Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement Gmbh & Co. KG (Germany)
Best Navigation Corp.
Blue Line Ship Management S.A.
Blue Planet Shipping Ltd.
Blue Shipmanagement Corp.
Brave Maritime Corp. Inc.
Bright Navigation Inc.
Briske Bereederungs GmbH & Co. KG (Germany)
British Bulkers Inc.
Bulk Star Shipping Co. Ltd.
Byzantine Maritime Corp.

Callitsis Ship Management S.A.
Calypso Marine Ltd.
Candida Corp.
Capital Ship Management Corp.
Cardiff Marine Inc.
Carras (Hellas) S.A.
Catsambis Shipping Ltd.
Central Mare Inc.
Centrofin Management Inc.
Chandris (Hellas) Inc.
Chartworld Shipping Corporation
Chellaram Shipping
Chevron Shipping Company LLC.
Christoship Chartering & Shipping Co. Ltd.
Chronos Shipping Co. Ltd.
Chrysanthou Maritime Services Ltd.
Clemko Ship Management S.A.
Clio Navigation Corp.
Clipper Greece Ltd.
Coastal Maritime Inc.
Combine Marine Inc.
Commercia S.A.
Commercial Shipping And Trading Company Ltd.
Common Progress S.A.
Constech Shipping Co. S.A.
Coral Shipping Corp.
Corner Shipping Co. Ltd.
Cosmos Marine Management S.A.
Cosmoship Management S.A.
Cuma Shipmanagement Ltd.

D. Efthymiou Shipping S.A.
Dalex Shipping Co. S.A.
Dalomar Shipping S.A.
Dannebrog Rederi As (Denmark)
Dealmar Shipping Co. Ltd.
Delta International Shipping Co. S.A.
Derna Carriers S.A.
Diana Shipping Agencies S.A.
Dilek Transport Inc.
Dileship Marine Corp.
Distribuidora Marítima Petrogás, S.L.U.
Dnd Management Inc.
Doil Steamship Ltd.
Dorian (Hellas) S.A.
Doris Maritime Services S.A. (Switzerland)
Drasis Shipping Company S.A.
Drytank S.A.

E. Nomikos Corporation
Eagle Shipping International (USA) LLC
Eastern Mediterranean Maritime Ltd.
Eclipse Shipmanagement Inc
Econav SA
Edem Marine S.A.
Efnav Company Ltd.
Efploia Shipping Co. S.A.
Efshipping Co. S.A. Panama
Eletson Cororation Inc.
Elvictor Marine Management Co. Ltd.
Empros Lines Shipping Company Sp. S.A.
Endeavor Shipping Co. S.A.
Enesel S.A.
Enterprises Shipping & Trading S.A.
Environmental Protection Engineering S.A.
Equitorial Energy Company Limited
Ermis Maritime Corporation
Eryx Limited
Estoril Navigation S.A.
Eurasia International Gmbh & Co. Kg (Germany)
Eurobulk Ltd.
Euronav Ship Management (Hellas) Ltd.
European Navigation Inc.
Eurotankers Inc.
Evdemon & Partners
Evripos Shipmanagement Inc.
Exmar Shipmanagement NV

Fafalios Shipping S.A.
Fairdeal Group Management S.A.
Fairport Shipping Ltd.
Fairsky Shipping And Trading S.A.
Fidelity Navigation S.A.
Fidelity Shipping & Trading Inc.
Fomentos Armadora S.A.
First Port Surveys And Marine Services Limited
First Shipmanagement S.A. (As Agents)
Franco Compania Naviera S.A.
Free Bulkers S.A.
Free Mediterranean Shipping Co.
Frontline Maritime Ltd.

G & M Marine Enterprises S.A.
G. Pateras Shiping Ltd. (London)
Gaslog LNG Services Ltd.
General Maritime Enterprises Corp.
General Maritime Management (Hellas) Ltd.
Genimar Shipping And Trading S.A.
Genesis Seatrading Corp.
Geostral Marine S.A.
Germa Shipping & Stevedoring Co.
Gilmar Shipping S.A.
Glafki (Hellas) Maritime Co.
Glentmar Compania Maritima S.A.
Globe Trade Transport Inc.
Globus Shipmanagement Corp.
Golden Transport Inc.
Golden Union Shipping Co. S.A.
Good Faith Shipping Co. S.A.
Goulandris Brothers (Hellas) Ltd.
Goumas J.G. Shipping Co. S.A.
Gourdomichalis Maritime S.A.
Gourdomichalis Naftiki S.A.
Grecomar Shipping Agency Ltd.
Gripsholm Shipping S.A.

Halkidon Shipping Corporation.
Harbor Shipping & Trading S.A.
Hellas Marine Services Ltd.
Hellenic Petroleum S.A.
Hellenic Seaways A.N.E.
Hellenic Star Shipping Co. S.A.
Hellespont Steamship Corp.
Hind Maritime Enterprises S.A.
Hong Kong Ming Wah Shipping Co., Ltd.
Horizon Shipping Enterprises

Iason Hellenic Shipping Co. Ltd.
Ikarus Marine Ltd.
Ilios Shipping Co. S.A.
Initium Maritime Corp.
International Marine Management Company Inc.
Interunity Management Corporation
Iolcos Hellenic Maritime Enterprises Co. Ltd.
Issomarine Maritime Enterprises Ltd.

Jme Navigation S.A.
John C. Hadjipateras & Sons Ltd. (United Kingdom)

Kapelco Maritime Services Ltd.
Kassian Maritime Navigation Agency Ltd.
Kassos Maritime Enterprises Ltd.
Katsikis & Sigalas Ltd.
KBS Ltd.
Kent Trading Corporation
Konkar Shipping Agencies S.A.
Kon-Quest S.A.
Kouros Maritime Enterprises Inc.
Kristen Marine S.A.
Kritsas Shipping S.A.
Kronos Maritime Agency S.A.
Kyklades Maritime Corporation
Kyla Shipping Co.
Kyvernitis Shipping Co. Ltd.

L & W Shipping Agency S.A.
Lassi Shipping Co. Ltd.
Leandros Shipping Co. S.A.
Leros Management S.A. (As Agents)
Levant Maritime International S.A.
Libra Shipping S.A.
Link Line Ltd.
Lion Yachting S.A.
Lomar Shipping & Management Inc.
Long View Navigation S.A.
Lpl Shipping S.A.
Lydia Mar Shipping Co. S.A.

Machrimar Management S.A.
Magna Shipholding S.A.
Maran Gas Maritime Inc.
Maran Tankers Management Inc.
Marcrecida Compania Naviera S.A.
Mare Management
Mare Maritime Company S.A.
Marine Managers S.A.
Marine Spirit S.A.
Marine Trust Ltd.
Mariteam Services Inc.
Maritime Consortium Of Thessaloniki Inc.
Maritime Management Synergy S.A.
Maryville Maritime Inc.
Mas Marine Management Inc.
Mastrogiorgis Shipping Co. Ltd.
Mayamar Marine Enterprises
Meadway Shipping & Trading Inc.
Mediterranean Management S.A.
Medlink Management S.A.
Mega Shipping Line Corp.
Mega Trust Maritime S.A.
Meredith Management Group, Inc.
Merlin Shipmanagement Ltd.
Metrostar Shipmanagement Corp.
Millenium Shipmanagement S.A.
Minerva Navigation Inc.
Moss Marine Management S.A.
Mst Mineralien Schiffahrt Spedition Und Transport Gmbh (Germany)
Multitrading Shipmanagement Ltd.
Mykonos Shipping Co. Ltd.

Naftilos Shipmanagement S.A.
Naftomar Shipping & Trading Co. Ltd.
Narval Shipping Corp.
Nasta Shipmanagement S.A.
Navarone S.A.
Navegadora Transpacifica S.A.
Navibulk Shipmanagement S.A.
Navina Maritime S.A.
Navios Shipmanagement Inc.
Navios Tankers Management Inc.
Navipower Compania Naviera S.A. Panama
Namstar Corp.
Navitankers Management Inc.
Navitrans Maritime Inc.
Neomare Shipping Co. S.A.
Neptune Shipping Agencies Ltd.
Nereus Shipping S.A.
New Kronos Star Maritime Co. S.A.
New Generation Shipping
New Wave Shipping Company S.A.
Newfront Shipping S.A.
Newlead Bulkers S.A.
Newport Shipmanagement Ltd.
Nexus Shipping Inc.
Ngm Energy S.A.
Nhat Viet Transportation Corporation
Nideir Maritiem Inc.
Nikator Navigation S.A.
Niovis Shipping Co. S.A.
Nomikos A.E. Shipping Investments Ltd.
Nordstrand Maritime & Trading Co. Ltd.
Nortech Shipping Ltd.
Northeriv Navigation (Usa)

Oceanbulk Maritime S.A.
Oceanwave Maritime Corp.
Oia Maritime Co. S.A.
Oldendorff Carriers Gmbh & Co. KG
Olympia Ocean Carriers Ltd
Olympic Shipping Management S.A.
Orionis Shipping Co. Ltd.
Ormos Comp. Nav. S.A. Panama
Orpheus Marine Transport Corp.
Orpheus Maritime & Services
Osg Shipmanagement (Gr) Ltd.
Overseas Marine Enterprises Inc.

Pacific & Atlantic Ship Managers Inc.
Pankar Maritime S.A.
Paradise Navigation S.A.
Pegasus Maritime Enterprises Inc.
Perseas Shipping S.A.
Peter Döhle Schiffahrts-KG
Petroerm Shipmanagement Ltd.
Petrofin Ship Management Inc.
Petroships S.A.
Phocean Ship Agency Ltd. (United Kingdom)
Pikey Navigation S.A.
Pitiousa Shipping S.A.
PL Shipping S.A.
Ploes Oceanic Corp.
Plutofylax Shipping Corporation
Polembros Shipping Ltd.
Polrom Oil M.C.
Pothitos Shipping Co. S.A.
Priamos Maritime S.A.
Prime Marine Management Inc.
Primebulk Shipmanagement Ltd.
Primera Maritime (Hellas) Ltd.
Primera Ocean Services S.A.
Pronav Ship Management Gmbh
Pronoia Ship Agents & Brokers Inc.
Prosperity Bay Shipping Co. Ltd.
Pyrsos Shipping Co. Ltd.
Pyxis Maritime Corp.

Quality Safety Advisors Inc.
Quantum Shipping Ltd.
Queensway Navigation Co. Ltd.

Rainbow Ship Management Inc.
Ranger Marine S.A.
Rea Shipping Agency Co. S.A.
Reederei Nord Gmbh.
Reefer & General Shipmanagement Co. Inc.
Regal Agencies Corp.
Regal Mare Inc.
Rethymnis & Kulukundis Ltd. (United Kingdom)
Roussos J.G. Shipping S.A.
Roxana Navigation Inc.
Roymar Ship Management Inc. (Usa)

Safety Management Overseas S.A.
Saint Michael Shipping Co. Ltd.
Samios Shipping Co. S.A. Panama
Samos Steamship Co. S.A.
Scandia Shipping Hellas In.
Sea Charm Navigation Ltd.
Sea Justice S.A.
Sea Observer Shipping Services S.A.
Sea Pioneer Shipping Corp.
Sea Traders S.A.
Sea Venture Marine Enterprises Corp.
Sea World Management & Trading Inc.
Seabound Maritime Inc.
Seadar Ship Management S.A.
Sealestial Navigation Co.
Sealift Inc.
Seapar Navegacao Maritime Ltd.
Seascope Shipping Agency Ltd.
Seastar Chartering Ltd.
Seastar Maritime Management S.A.
Seatrans Management Enterprises Inc.
Seaventure Marine Enterprises Corp.
Seaways Shipping Enterprises Ltd.
Sekur Holdings Inc.
Sheffield Maritime Ltd.
Sicuro S.A.
Silverstar Int'l Co.
Sinbel Maritime Corporation
Sing Da Sheng Co.,Ltd.
Siomar Enterprises Ltd.
Sitinas Shipping Co.
Skoukla Inc.
Skye Navigation Ltd.
Socomar Inc. (Italy)
Soloi Inc.
Spetsai Shipping Co. Ltd.
Spianada Shipmanagement Co.
Springfield Shipping Co. Panama S.A.
Stamco Ship Management Co. Ltd.
Stamford Navigation Inc.
Standard Bulk Transport Corporation
Star Shipping Agency Ltd.
Starbulk S.A.
Starmarine Management Inc. (As Agents)
Stavros Roussos Management & Chartering S.A.
Stealth Maritime Corporation S.A.
Stheno Shipping Company
Styga Compania Naviera S.A.
Successors Shipping Ltd.
Summit Shipmanagement S.A.
Sun Enterprises Ltd.
Sunbeam Shipping Inc.
Svendborg Ship Management Aps (Denmark)
Swissmarine Inc.

Target Marine S.A.
Teo Shipping Corporation
Thallasic Steamship Agency Inc.
Thenamaris (Ships Management) Inc.
Third Millenium Shipping Ltd.
TMS Bulkers Ltd. (As Agents)
TMS Dry Ltd.
TMS Ship Management
Tomasos Brothers Inc.
Tomazos Shipping Co. Ltd.
Topmark Shipping Corp.
Trade Fortune Inc.
Tramp Maritime Enterprises Ltd.
Transbulk Management Inc.
Transman Shipping Enterprises S.A.
Transmed Shipping Ltd.
Transoil Ship Managers S.A.
Transorient Overseas S.A.
Trefin Tankers Ltd.
Tri-Marine S.A.
Trinity Shipping Corp.
Trinity Bulk Inc.
Tristar Management Ltd.
Tritea Maritime Ltd.
Trojan Maritime Inc.
Trust Shipping Enterprises Ltd.
Trustcarrier S.A.
Trustoil Tankers S.A.
Tsakos Columbia Shipmanagement ("TCM") S.A.
Tsakos Shipping & Trading S.A.
Tsavliris Russ Worldwide Salvage & Towage Ltd.

Unibros Shipping Corporation
Unideal Management S.A.
Union Marine Enterprises S.A.
Unit Maritime Inc.
United Marine Spares International Inc.
United Shipping & Trading Co. Of Greece S.A.
Unity Shipping Hellas S.A.

V. Bulkers S.A.
V. Ships (Greece) Ltd.
V. Ships Florida L.C.
Valiant Shipping S.A.
Vasco Shipmanagement S.A.
Venca Marine Corporation S.A.
Venturi Fleet Management
Vernicos Maritime Co. S.A.
Victoria Oceanway Ltd.
Victoria Steamship Co. Ltd.
Voras Navigation S.A.
Vrontado S.A.

W.E.M. Lines S.A.
White Sea Navigation S.A.
Wilhelmsen Ship Management Sdn. Bhd.
World Management Inc.
Worldwide Shipmanagement S.A.

Xavier Shipping Company
Xouthos Shipping Co. Ltd.


Zchi Shipbuilding Co. Ltd
Zela Shipping Co. Ltd. (United Kingdom)
Zephyros Ship. Agents & Brokers Inc.

Ship specific approvals since 1986 granted by
Classification Societies