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SMM Crew Rest Hours Software
SMM Crew Rest Hours Software

An integrated software package designed to maintain individual seafarers' work hour records, that comply with the global format adopted jointly by International Labour Organization (ILO) and the International Maritime Organization (IMO).
Includes the 2010 "Manila Amendments" for 24H / 7D Exceptions.
Where time is precious, SMM Crew Hour Rest® comes to assist both Chief Mates/ Chief Engineers to complete the Crew Hour Rest STCW ILO 180 swiftly and accurately.
IMO STCW CONVENTION: STCW (Standards of Training, certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers) stipulates explicit responsibilities of shipping companies to ensure that the seafarers they employ meet minimum international standards of competence and hold the necessary certification.
Ships must be manned in accordance with flag state requirements and detailed training records of seafarers must be maintained. An important addition, adopted in 2010, is that companies must maintain individual records of seafarers' rest hours on board ship. STCW 2010 requires that governments apply penalties to any company found to be breach of the Convention and also sets out the circumstances in which Port State Control inspectors can investigate the operational competence of seafarers.
MANILA AMENDMENTS: Due to 2010 "Manila Amendments", companies are required to comply with the new minimum rest hours provisions for seafarers.
Significantly the 2010 amendments require that individual seafarers' records of hours of rest are maintained in order to demonstrate compliance. These records are inspected by Port State Controls.

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