Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions for SMM Products

Frequently Asked Questions for SMM products
SMM - Voyage Performance Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main function of SMM Voyage Performance?

SMM Voyage Performance provides you with a fuel budget for the upcoming voyage. The budget is based on managing the vessel optimally, e.g. speed.

What is the fuel budget based on?

 The fuel budget is dynamically calculated based on the conditions the vessels will face during the leg.

Can the fuel budget vary for the same leg?

 Yes, it can vary since SMM Voyage Performance takes into consideration the factors like wind and currents for each specific leg that impacts the fuel consumption.

Can I follow if I am staying within the fuel budget that SMM Voyage Performance has calculated?

SMM Voyage Performance is constantly monitoring the real-time fuel consumption and comparing it to the budgeted fuel consumption. The user can conveniently see the difference between C/P and real-time consumption in SMM Voyage Performance’s main view all the time.

Which are the key benefits of SMM Voyage Performance?

Complies with the Monitoring-Reporting-Verification (MRV) according to the set of requirements of the EU Regulation:

- Conduct comprehensive plausibility checking and data quality/consistency assurance against ship-specific technical data

- Onshore system collects data for the entire fleet in operational reports such as log abstracts and management reports, for example EEOI for fleets Reports: noon, departure and arrival, bunker, ballast water operations, disposals and many more

- Allows comprehensive fleet performance monitoring with in-depth analysis capability

- Supports environmental reporting schemes such as ESI

- All information is structured for re-use in any type of analysis or reporting to stakeholder


Ship specific approvals since 1986 granted by
Classification Societies