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SMM Bunkers & Daily Bunkers Survey Instrument
SMM Bunkers & Daily Bunkers Survey Instrument

Fuel quantity disputes are notoriously difficult to resolve and a satisfactory outcome will rely heavily on evidence provided by a ship's crew. Detailed and correct documentation is vital.
Bunkers Survey Software ensures clarity and tranparency based on official shipyards documentation, guaranteed by our 30-year experience and reliability.
Bunkers Survey software assists the user to track record of Bunker quantity measurements in every voyage and also on receiving a Barge Bunker delivery receipt the user instantly can re-calculate the quantities received for any Heel/Trim/Drafts based on the Sounding/Ullage tables.
In order the module to help the user to determine how much fuel and/on diesel oil the vessel received during a bunkering process, the user must measure and input the contents of the vessel's fuel and diesel tanks before and after the bunkering and the module will calculate the difference, taking into account the necessary ullage/sounding corrections due to vessel's trim and list.
On receiving from Chief Engineer the following: Drafts/Heel and for each tank (Density/Sound/Temp) the user instantly can calculate the FO/DO Reports in order to monitor the Bunkers ROB. The program includes ship's FO/DO Sounding/Ullage Table and Trim/Heel corrections.

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